Brother spotlight For the Week

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Brother Sanaea Kakalia

Class: Alpha Epsilon

This summer, Brother Sanaea Kakalia worked as a User Experience Design Intern at PayPal. Working on the Consumer Financial Services team, she was able to work on creating products for the financially underserved. She worked with Product and Development teams to explore and create a new up-and-coming digital experience for PayPal that will significantly change the way many customers use the service. She got the opportunity to lead the user research, design, prototyping, and testing for the product.

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Brother Cyrus Goh

Class: Alpha Theta

This is Brother Cyrus Goh! He is interning at Fave, one of South East Asia’s fastest growing startups, as a Software Engineering Intern. He helps refactoring and improving existing code, and works closely with product and design teams to create amazing and intuitive experiences. Additionally, he helps building reusable React components to connect different apps together effortlessly. Next summer, he hopes to continue making an impact in fintech companies.

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Brother Rohit Karthikeyan

Class: Alpha Epsilon

This summer, he has the opportunity of working in Denver, CO as an Operations Process and Analytics Intern for T-Mobile! Some of his daily duties include analyzing internal data using SQL and Python to create data models, creating efficient business process improvements, and supporting the operations team with project management initiatives. “Moving to a different place for my internship turned out to be the best move I could make before my senior year! I’ve enjoyed exploring Denver on my own and getting the chance to work for a company with a very forward thinking company culture. With just a few weeks left in my internship, I am excited for the next steps in my career!”

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Brother Nathaniel Li

Class: Alpha Eta

This summer, Brother Nathaniel Li is interning at Global Career Path, an executive search firm, as a technical recruiting intern. He supports two recruiters, one in autonomous drive and one in natural language processing by sourcing and screening. His biggest takeaway from this internship is a hands-on experience in the extensive recruiting process for executive positions. Next summer, he hopes to move from firm recruiting to in-house recruiting. 
Feel free to ask him about how his experience in Alpha Kappa Psi has prepared him for his internship at Global Career Path!

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Brother Kelly Ko

Class: Alpha Zeta

Kelly is a third year Communications major and Technology Management minor. This summer, Kelly is working for LEWIS - Global Communications in Hong Kong as an Account Coordinator Intern. As an Account Coordinator Intern, her tasks primarily include client management, media coverage/relations, content creation, and report/data analysis.
Ask her about her experience living abroad for 2 months & her interest in Snapchat art!

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Brother Victoria Khau

Class: Alpha Delta

Today's spotlight features Brother Victoria Khau, who has just begun working as a Branding Intern at ProSky! As an intern, she creates ProSky blog content and designs infographics monthly. She also works with her team to develop marketing, strengthen their media/marketing/branding skills, and work on projectships. Ask her what exactly a projectship is and how it differs from an internship, she'll be happy to explain!

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Brother Kazim Raza

Class: Alpha Beta

Brother Kazim Raza has recently received an internship with KPMG for the upcoming summer, as a Business Analyst! His role mainly includes working in management consulting, which complements his interest in traveling as well. Ask him why he believes consulting is the perfect fit for him, and maybe you'll find your perfect job fit as well!